Stephen Breen Memorial Foundation

About Stephen....

Stephen Breen was 14 years old when he was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a very rare form of bone cancer. At the time, he was a freshman at Nolan Catholic High School and had just graduated from St. Andrew Catholic School in 2002. Stephen was a caring, quick-witted, loving boy and a very good student. During his illness, he grew more courageous and brave - a young man who is still an inspiration to many. Until his death at 15 years old, Stephen touched many lives by possessing wisdom beyond his age, strength greater than his size, and faith in God without understanding why he was stricken with cancer.

About the Foundation in his memory...

Throughout his life, Stephen expressed a desire to help people. Two areas were particularly important to him. Stephen wanted to help kids obtain an education in the Catholic school system, and he wanted to help kids who are stricken with cancer like he was. The Stephen Breen Memorial Foundation has been established to fullfill Stephen's wishs and achieve these objectives.

As as a tribute to by brother, Stephen, I wrote this to honor him, enjoy my essential design through poem :) Enjoy!

Live Strong, No Regrets

Live Strong, No Regrets.
Life is full of many twist and turns,
In which we think about all the memories we have made.
I hope that you have no regrets.
May you always know that every action was made towards a greater purpose in your life,
A purpose to fulfill your destiny in God’s creation.
We all can think of times we would rather forget,
But in the end it all makes us who we have become today.
Although we have free will, God blesses us with gifts he knows we will use in our future.
Gifts he has equipped us with to do his will.
To be a brother, sister, friend or companion to another,
To make their day a little brighter,
To make a fine impression in their lives.
The light we posses is filtered throughout our lives and left in the places we touch.
In every touch there is a response that relays back to the giver;
Maybe a day or two later, maybe even a couple years,
But in the end of your time you will remember a memory of when,
You touched another’s life.
And most of all that in this time given, you lived your life to the fullest.
Live strong and have no regrets.
May we all use this motto in our design to better serve God in a world he has given to us.
Live, understand, learn and never look back.

Amber N. Gist

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