World Seriously!

So Brandon is the biggest Ranger fan, has been for the 9 years I have known him, yes even when they stunk.  This past year I made a bet with Brandon, jokingly of course, that if the Rangers went to the World Series that he had to buy me a Canon camera & I mean a professional one.  Well I am pretty sure we all knew what happened.  I think Brandon was so overwhelmed with the clenching game that he forgot the bet....well here is a collage that we put together this past weekend that is now in his "man room".

Texas Rangers are an essential in my household! Wether I like it or not :)



Super Saver!

 Recently, I have been trying to be a super saver using coupons and paying attention to the deals when I shop.  I even went as far to attend a Savy Shopper seminar one evening to learn the tricks to the trade.  Well let's just say that it has taken awhile, meaning skepticism, but I think I a true believer now.

I recently went to CVS and Walgreens this week to try out these tips.  I looked over the coupons that I have been saving that I cut from the Sunday paper and then at the current ads for both stores.  It did take some prep time, I wanted to make sure I was ready to go with what I was going to buy and the coupons I was going to use at each store, but man was it a success.  Also, let me preface this by telling you that I did not buy any perishable items or food; just normal day to day items that we use that I could store easily in the cabinet.

I started out at CVS and ended up buying Shampoo, Make-up, Razors, etc.  I spent a total of $50 and saved $30 and gained $10 in extra bucks to use next trip.  I had a coupon for a "buy one, get one" that I used on top of a "buy one, get one half off" sale and ended up getting two 8 packs of razors for $7, saving $15.  Success!!!

Then I headed to Walgreens, now I have heard that savings are harder to come by, but I found the opposite.  I ended up spending $40, and saving $30.  The best deal I found here was a "buy one, get one" sale on Oral B toothbrushes and combined with a "buy one, get one" coupon I had I ended up getting both for FREE!

Now you might think to yourself well, $90 is a ton to spend on those items in one sitting, I totally agree. Overall when you take a look at the stock I collected and how much I saved, I will not have to spend a dime on those toiletry items for several months and I basically got them half off.

The biggest thing that I have learned is not to buy when I need something, but to buy when I can get it at a great price; you save so much money in the long run.  This is defiantly a new adventure for me and a work in progress, but hey to save $70 the first go round is pretty exhilarating!

Savings are an Essential Design for sure....why wouldn’t anyone want to save $$$$!



Craft Time!

So there is a long holiday weekend impending on us soon and I have the itch to craft! I have been spending much of my evening google-ing ideas, but the problem is that I have enough decor in my house, so I need something of different sorts.

I have a small obsession with butterflies.....

.......so I have decided to make for the 3rd time, yes 3rd due to it being stolen twice so far, a butterfly wreath for my front door.  I am going to try to hold off on the makings until this weekend if possible, but I will post and share photo once complete.

In the meantime I need to come up with some more crafting projects....suggestion are welcome, please and thanks!

Butterflies are definitely an Essential Design in my life, especially yellow ones, but that is a whole other story for later :)


Please send me your ideas, something fun and somewhat simple please :)




After 27 years of trying to impress, he finally succeds with a little coaching from ME!

Let's congradulate Brandon for his 1st EVER flip off the diving board!

Flips are an essential design....ALWAYS!!!!



Flying Popcorn

What does popcorn, mustaches, spirits and costumes have in common?...............


I have never experience such joy in throwing popcorn at strangers in public until I attened my 1st ever Summer Mummers in Midland, TX.  Well, this year was my 2nd Annual Summer Mummers and well, the pics tell all.  ENJOY!

Popcorn is now an essential design, at least once a summer.



Live Strong, No Regrets

I will continue to use a phrase throughout my blogs, Live Strong, No Regrets and thought I should give you some insight of it's origin.  16 days before my brother Stephen's 16th birthday after 16 month's of battling cancer he went to heaven.  During Stephen's battle with cancer the Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" braclets were popular.  Stepehen wore his everyday, he would not take it off, as if Lance could beat the odds and wearing that braclet meant he could too...one day Stephen came downstairs and he did not have his braclet on anymore.  When we all asked why it was not on his wrist he said that he saw an interview with Lance in which he was being interviewed and throughout the whole interview he never once gave any thanks to God for his survival.  After that day he never wore it again; he came up with his own moto, Live Strong, No Regrets.  In his honor I took the moto which meant so much to him and wrote a poem to best expemplify what I believed it to stand for. Love you Stephen!

Live Strong, No Regrets

Live Strong, No Regrets.
Life is full of many twist and turns,
In which we think about all the memories we have made.
I hope that you have no regrets.
May you always know that every action was made towards a greater purpose in your life,
A purpose to fulfill your destiny in God’s creation.
We all can think of times we would rather forget,
But in the end it all makes us who we have become today.
Although we have free will, God blesses us with gifts he knows we will use in our future.
Gifts he has equipped us with to do his will.
To be a brother, sister, friend or companion to another,
To make their day a little brighter,
To make a fine impression in their lives.
The light we posses is filtered throughout our lives and left in the places we touch.
In every touch there is a response that relays back to the giver;
Maybe a day or two later, maybe even a couple years,
But in the end of your time you will remember a memory of when,
You touched another’s life.
And most of all that in this time given, you lived your life to the fullest.
Live strong and have no regrets.
May we all use this motto in our design to better serve God in a world he has given to us.
Live, understand, learn and never look back.

Camen Islands 2004

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