Craft Time!

So there is a long holiday weekend impending on us soon and I have the itch to craft! I have been spending much of my evening google-ing ideas, but the problem is that I have enough decor in my house, so I need something of different sorts.

I have a small obsession with butterflies.....

.......so I have decided to make for the 3rd time, yes 3rd due to it being stolen twice so far, a butterfly wreath for my front door.  I am going to try to hold off on the makings until this weekend if possible, but I will post and share photo once complete.

In the meantime I need to come up with some more crafting projects....suggestion are welcome, please and thanks!

Butterflies are definitely an Essential Design in my life, especially yellow ones, but that is a whole other story for later :)


Please send me your ideas, something fun and somewhat simple please :)

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  1. Amber, if you are not already on Pinterest, you can find an unlimited amount of ideas on that site. It is fabulous!


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